Selling Your Property


At First National Riggall our goal is simple – to make your property dreams a reality.

Our Team comprises outstanding, professional individuals who are dedicated to ensuring our service delivers the best outcome for you. We are thoroughly prepared for every appointment, are hard-working, honest and reliable. Our staff are true to themselves, their colleagues, clients and their families.

We have a simple philosophy. If you trust us with the keys to your home or business, we’ll do everything possible to maximise your result. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open and to providing a reliable and timely service, leading to a positive and rewarding experience for all.


Our Strategy 

Our Strategy has been refined since our doors first opened nearly 30 years ago. We list more properties for sale and rent more homes than any other local real estate company. We thrive on word of mouth referrals. 

Establishing the Sale Price of Your Property 

Your First National Riggall Sales Consultant is an enthusiastic professional who knows that real advice, real market knowledge and research, backed up by documented evidence, will produce a realistic price or range to offer you. We research recent comparable sales, assess the features of your home and location before we recommend a price range between conservative and optimistic.

In consultation with you we set a price or an achievable price range. In negotiation with your buyers, we aim for the highest price possible.

Choosing Your Method of Sale

There are three methods of sale typically used for residential property in Australia - Auction, Private Treaty and Expression of Interest.


Real estate auctions have become one of the most popular methods of buying and selling property in Australia with substantial benefits for both Sellers and Buyers. Some advantages for Sellers are:

•    Control – as the Seller you set the terms and conditions
•    A cash unconditional contract and no ‘cooling off’ period applies
•    Allows 3 opportunities to sell – before, at auction, or immediately after – reducing the overall selling time in the market
•    Allows all potential buyers to compete amongst themselves to offer you the best price

Selling your home by auction is proven to be the best method of establishing true market value of your property.

Private Sale

This means that your property is for sale at a set price or within an achievable price range. Your advertising campaign can be designed to suit your needs, you can be flexible with open inspections and negotiate offers made at any time.

Expression of Interest

Also known as Sale by Tender, the property is advertised within a price range or target. The purpose is to invite buyers to consider their highest and best offer.

Written offers, or tender documents, are submitted prior to a closing date and time, when all offers are presented to the seller. This process is often suited to commercial property, large estates or development sites.

So What's Best For You?

The best method of sale will be the one your most comfortable with. 

Your First National Riggall Sales Consultant is skilled in all types of sales so you can be confident in selecting any of these sales methods.

Our Tips for Presenting Your Home

Street Appeal
First impressions start from the front of your property. Ensure it looks tidy, with clean paths, pruned trees and shrubs, freshly mowed lawns and weed-free garden beds.

Clean, Light & Bright
Give your property a thorough clean, including the windows, so that your home feels fresh and sparkles. Sunny spots appeal so locate the warm spots in and around your home and make them stand out with an inviting feature chair, cushions, or a vase of flowers.

Cut the Clutter
Improve the perception of space. Less clutter will help to make your room and shelves appear larger. A clear benchtop will help the kitchen to look user friendly. Re-arrange furniture to create a sense of space and for easier ‘people movement’ at your open inspections.

Set the Scene
Set the scene with fresh flowers, a glossy magazine on a coffee table and aromatic candles or soap in the bathroom. Your rooms should look and smell fresh and clean. Open curtains and blinds and turn on attractive lamps to make your home glow.

Fix It
From leaking taps to a broken light bulb, make sure minor repairs are taken care of. A fresh coat of paint will remedy scuffs and scrapes to walls and woodwork.

Freshen Up
Remember that pets, cigarettes, dampness/mildew or an open fire can all play a part in your home’s odour. You could brew a pot of coffee, place vases of fresh flowers in various rooms and open the windows to allow fresh air to flow through your home.

Remember to tidy up pet bowls and toys and take your pet out whilst your property is having an open inspection.

Create an inviting atmosphere in your home by turning on heaters in the colder weather, and turning on fans and cooling systems for the warmer days. Turn on lights and lamps to make the rooms feel welcoming, bright and spacious.

Selling your home in a competitive marketplace requires commitment and experience. It’s crucial to get the message through immediately to every potential buyer because the more people to view your home, the greater the opportunity to maximise your sale price. The first 21 days of your marketing campaign generates the highest amount of interest, which is why it is important to get it right the first time.

At First National Riggall, we consult with you on the details of a marketing campaign tailored to suit you and your needs. During the appraisal, we will make our recommendations and mutually agree on your marketing campaign.

Styling Services.

A first impression lasts and that’s why presentation is crucial when selling your home. Here at First National Riggall we know how to help you present your home so that it has the competitive edge over other properties on the market.

We offer a styling service, providing advice on presentation as well as use of our home makeover furniture and accessories to enhance your property. The goal is show a home that looks appealing, maximises space and encourages more interest in the property. Our data shows that homes having been ‘set for sale’ by the First National Riggall team have, on average, sold in 24 days on the market versus the industry average of 97.

Our styling and staging service is affordable and available for all our clients… it really makes a difference!


Internet Marketing

Most people begin their search for real estate on the internet. As a seller that means millions of buyers locally, nationally and internationally can view your property at any time. Our website offers the latest responsive design so buyers can view your property on any device, no matter the size of the screen, without compromising quality or the viewing experience.

To ensure that prospective buyers have convenient access to the marketing of your property, First National Riggall utilises a number of leading property sites, including:

Print Media Marketing

Print media is very effective in attracting buyers to your property. In fact, 59% of buyers use online AND print to find their property, while just 27% of buyers use online only. Across the country, houses that advertised on both mediums sold on average 7 days faster and with at 7.43% increase in the price achieved, compared with those only advertised online.

We offer marketing in the real estate magazine of The Advertiser, your local Messenger Press and interstate or regional papers as needed.

Professional Brochures

Brochures are an integral part of open for inspections as they are given to all parties as they enter your property.

A professionally designed, printed and presented brochure showcases your home. We take great care in detailing your property’s features and attributes, including an accurate floorplan. Our dedicated photographer understands there is power in a great image, so will ensure your home’s standout features are captured to perfection. 


A large proportion of homes are sold to buyers living in the immediate vicinity. When they know your home is for sale, the first thing buyers do is drive by. A prominent, solar lit signboard displaying internal images and key features of the property allows these buyers to discern more than meets the eye from the street. Signboards are also an excellent way of attracting the attention of passing road and pedestrian traffic.