Marketing Your Property


Selling your home in a competitive marketplace requires commitment and experience. It’s crucial to get the message through immediately to every potential buyer because the more people to view your home, the greater the opportunity to maximise your sale price. The first 21 days of your marketing campaign generates the highest amount of interest, which is why it is important to get it right the first time.

At First National Riggall, we consult with you on the details of a marketing campaign tailored to suit you and your needs. During the appraisal, we will make our recommendations and mutually agree on your marketing campaign.


Internet Marketing

Most people begin their search for real estate on the internet. As a seller that means millions of buyers locally, nationally and internationally can view your property at any time. Our website offers the latest responsive design so buyers can view your property on any device, no matter the size of the screen, without compromising quality or the viewing experience.

To ensure that prospective buyers have convenient access to the marketing of your property, First National Riggall utilises a number of leading property sites, including:     

Print Media Marketing

Print media is very effective in attracting buyers to your property. In fact, 59% of buyers use online AND print to find their property, while just 27% of buyers use online only. Across the country, houses that advertised on both mediums sold on average 7 days faster and with at 7.43% increase in the price achieved, compared with those only advertised online.

We offer marketing in the real estate magazine of The Advertiser, your local Messenger Press and interstate or regional papers as needed.

Professional Brochures

Brochures are an integral part of open for inspections as they are given to all parties as they enter your property.

A professionally designed, printed and presented brochure showcases your home. We take great care in detailing your property’s features and attributes, including an accurate floorplan. Our dedicated photographer understands there is power in a great image, so will ensure your home’s standout features are captured to perfection. 



A large proportion of homes are sold to buyers living in the immediate vicinity. When they know your home is for sale, the first thing buyers do is drive by. A prominent, solar lit signboard displaying internal images and key features of the property allows these buyers to discern more than meets the eye from the street. Signboards are also an excellent way of attracting the attention of passing road and pedestrian traffic.

Other Marketing Options

There are many other marketing options and techniques that are undertaken to ensure that your property’s exposure is maximised. At First National Riggall, these initiatives include:

  • Access to an exclusive buyer database where prospective buyers and investors receive targeted email and SMS alerts promoting your property.
  • Promotion through social media including Facebook
  • Street Campaign marketing flyer for distribution in and around your property’s suburb
  • Targeted marketing campaign in and around your property’s area and pedestrian traffic.


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